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Best apps to learn English 

➡️English has become the most important language in today's time. It is important for everyone to learn English Whether you are a student or You are an entrepreneur or an employee English is important for everyone.

Use of English Language

➡️The English Language is used in almost every field in Today's era. The English language is required for every purpose whether you are planning to study in foreign or preparing for a job interview or planning to expand your business internationally, for all the needs you have to start learning the English language today. 

How to start learning English

➡️Now you are aware that English is a very important language to learn in Today's time. But the question arises on how to start learning English? Don't worry, Today  I am going to show you some of the best English Learning apps which help you to learn English online at your convenient time and place with free of cost

Best apps to learn English 

1)  Hello English: Learn English



➡️It is India's NO.1  Free English Learning app. It has more than 10Millon downloads with a rating of 4.6 stars. 

➡️It provides free learning of English in 22 different languages. It also provides speakers for twelve Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, and Bengali.

➡️It also helps to learn English speaking, reading, and writing.

➡️It provides the Easiest Way to learn English with customized lessons based on your command of English and personal goals.

➡️The most interesting thing is it provides 100% offline, interactive, audio-visual lessons.

➡️It provides an audio dictionary with 10,000 English words.

➡️It makes English learning fun through different levels and world ranking and by giving some coins on completion of each lesson or task that increases learner retention in this app.

➡️It provides the facility of learning English through voice recognition, fun practice games, reading, writing, and speaking. It also provides practice with news, articles, videos, and E-books with 24 hours of chat support system.

➡️It will surely make you powerful in the English language in 2 months and you will be able to speak English confidently and fluently.

➡️Install the app from the play store and start learning today.

2)Duolingo: Learn English free 



➡️The main feature of this app is that the app is so easy to use that makes it great for students and any person who willings to learn English from scratch.

➡️This app has more than 100Million downloads and has a rating of 4.7 stars.

➡️It provides learning of 30 different languages along with English.

➡️It makes learning easy with fun graphics, bite-size lessons, and progress rewards.

➡️This app has group lessons into themes like food and common phrases to help the learner to strengthen recognition and retention.

➡️It provides help learning tips with every lesson and also makes the learner learn new English words which help to increase the vocabulary of the learner.

➡️It has a system of the quick quiz, speaks and hears the language, and many more fun things which make the learning easy.

➡️Besides English, you can also learn languages like  French, Japanese, Spanish, and many more.

➡️You can download this app free from the play store and start learning today and make your English powerful.

3)cake: Learn English for free 



➡️It provides English learning through videos.

➡️This app has more than 10million downloads with a rating of 4.8 stars.

➡️It has lots of things to improve vocabulary and pronunciation through practice and it also boosts our communication skills.

➡️Interactive learning, This app has got all tools you may need to get started.

➡️This app tracks the time you put to learn English in this app.

➡️It has a feature of Record your voice and evaluates your pronunciation immediately.

➡️you can download the cake app for free from the play store and start speaking English fluently.

4)Busuu: Learn English



➡️Busuu is a language learning app that provides learning many languages along with English.

➡️This app has more than 10million downloads and has a star rating of 4.5 stars.

➡️It has a personalized study plan that motivates students or a learner to keep learning without getting tired or bored.

➡️It has all content designed by experts.

➡️You can also track your progress in this app and discover how fluent are you.

➡️It makes short term goals and also provides certificates on completion of any goal.

➡️you can easily download the busuu app for free from the play store and can start learning today.

5)Learn English daily 



➡️If you are a beginner and you want to start learning English then this app will suit you best.

➡️This app has more than 1million downloads with a star rating of 4.4 stars.

➡️This apps has daily English lessons with audio for practicing English speaking and English listening skills.

➡️It has 100 common conversations, essential phrases, essential words for learning English.

➡️It teaches about grammar, pronunciation of sentences, and also has advanced lessons for improving English.

➡️As it is beginner-friendly it has so many simple lessons that ultimately boost your confidence.

➡️You can download this app from the play store and begin your English learning journey.

6)Drops: Learn English



➡️This app has two parts:-

1)American English

2)British English

➡️This app has more than 100k downloads with a star rating of 4.7 stars.

➡️This app makes English learning fun by learning through simple games.

➡️It teaches English in groups like Essentials, nature, animals, Foods, vegetables, and many more which makes English learning easy.

➡️ It has the function of Effortless visual language learning.

➡️To prevent boring typing, it has a function of quick swipes.

➡️It also has the function of tracking the progress and celebrate on achieving your goal.

➡️It is a very cool application that helps to learn English easily in short lectures or sessions of 5 minutes.

➡️You can download the drop app for free from the play store.

7)English listening and speaking



➡️This helpful app will help you to listen and speak English fluently.

➡️This app has more than 1million download and has a star rating of 4.5 stars.

➡️In this app, there are many lessons divided into many levels from elementary to intermediate and advanced.

➡️It has thousands of English conversations and stories with audios.

➡️It has vocabulary learning and test for many topics including exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and many more.

➡️It has games like the sentence-building game, vocabulary game, word chain game, and many more things to enhance the retention of learners or a student.

➡️It also has offline content and also includes the list of necessary idioms and phrases used in daily talk.

➡️You can download this app from the play store for free of cost.

8)Namaste English: Learn English from Hindi



➡️This application provides English learning in Hindi with online English grammar and spoken courses.

➡️This app has more than 1 million downloads and a star rating of 4.5 stars.

➡️It has three-level:-

1)Beginner level:-It contains lessons about greetings, vegetable names in English, nouns, etc.

2)Intermediate level:-It contains lessons like name of days in English, singular and plural, articles usage, spices name, etc.

3)Advance level:-It contains lessons Present, past, and future tense, birds and animal names, prepositions, adverbs, etc.

➡️It has 100s of interactive English course lessons to help you learn English from very basic to advanced level.

➡️It has language games with tips and immediate results to help you learn English while playing.

➡️It is free on the play store so download fast and started playing with English.

9)Learn English-15,000 words



➡️Here you can learn English from 61 native languages and it is free and offline.

➡️This app has more than 10 million downloads and a star rating of 4.6 stars.

➡️This app contains 6000 English words which are constantly growing, The most are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adjectives, etc., categorized into 10 levels and 200 topics.

➡️This app contains 5000 phrases which are the most important phrases for daily conversations and traveling categorized into 7 levels and 120 topics.

➡️This app can enhance your vocabulary by learning words, sentences, and expressions for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

➡️This app is free on the play store so download now and become an expert in English.

Here the list completes of all the best English learning app that can help you to learn English and make your English better. If you like this article then pls comment below and also subscribe to our blog.

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