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 Mount Abu

Mount Abu is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Mount Abu is situated in the dense Aravali mountain ranges. It is located in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan between the Gujarat Rajasthan border. There are many places to visit in Mount Abu. Mount Abu has become a very famous tourist spot as a hill station in India especially in western India.

As there are many places to visit in Mount Abu, One cannot visit the complete Mount Abu In a Single Day. But Every place is not worth seeing. If you want to Visit Mount Abu in one Day, Here is the list of famous places to see on Mount Abu.

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 What is the best time to go to Mount Abu?

Mount Abu is any time visit place but the best time to visit Mount Abu is in Winter Season i.e. November to march.

How many days to visit Mount Abu?

 you can easily visit most of the famous tourist spots in mount Abu in a single day tour. 1 night 2 days trip will give you time to visit every tourist spot of mount Abu while 2 night 3 days trip gives you ample time to visit complete Mount Abu.

Which area is best to stay in Mount Abu?

Nakki Lake is the best area to stay in Mount Abu. It is a famous place in Mount Abu. Most of the hotels are within walking distance from Nakki Lake. Also, it is just 3 km from the main bus stand 

Best places to visit in Mount Abu

There are many places to see in Mount About but some of them are must-see places. So if you are planning to visit Mount Abu you have should visit these places first.

1) Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of Mount Abu. It is about 1722 meters in height. Guru Shikhar has great spiritual importance in Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar is a beautiful place in terms of natural beauty.

guru shikhar

There is a temple of Guru Dattatreya at the top of Guru Shikhar. There are about 300 steps to reach the top of Guru Shikhar. There is also a faint ancient bell at the top of guru Shikhar which gives a pleasing sound on ringing. There are many small temples on the way to reach the top of Guru Shikhar.  It is advisable to go to Guru Shikhar Early in the morning, to avoid masses and heat.

As you start climbing steps you will find many tea stalls or beverage stalls or many local Rajasthani food stalls which serve you delicious snacks. One can also find many beautiful local handicrafts store having many Handicrafts handcrafted in local Rajasthani style.  

Things to Do at Guru Shikhar 

  • Trekking or hiking
  • Picnic at peak
  • climbing
  • Shopping
  • Pilgrimage at Guru Dattatreya temple
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(8:00am to 6:30pm)
Tickets:- No entry tickets
Distance:- 15 km from the main center of town
Duration:- approximately 1 and a half hour to reach the top and come back
Parking:- free parking available

2)Delwara Jain Temples

Delwara Jain temples have a very important place in Jain Religion. Delwara Jain temples are examples of one of the finest human art. One will find extraordinary sculptures and carvings on ceilings, pillars, walls, doors, and many other parts of the temples.

There are 5 main temples in Delwara Jain temples:-

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1) Vimal Vasahi Temple

Vimal Vasahi Temple was constructed by the Vimal shah the minister of the King of Chalukya dynasty of Gujarat, Bhim dev Solanki in the year 1031 AD.

The Vimal Vasahi temple was dedicated to Lord Rishabha. Vimal Vasahi Temple has very Beautiful carvings on corridors, arches, pillars, and mandapas. The ceiling of the Vimal Vasahi temple was engraved with the designs of lotus-buds, petals, flowers, and scenes from Jain mythology.

There is an idol of Lord Rishabha in the Gudh mandap. The ceiling of Gudh Mandap has the carvings of horses, musicians, elephants, dancers, and soldiers.

2) Luna Vasahi Temple

The luna Vasahi temple was constructed by built by two brothers Vastupal and Tejpal, both ministers of virdhaval, Vaghela ruler of Gujarat in the year 1230 AD.

The Luna Vasahi Temple was dedicated to Lord Neminath. Luna Vasahi temple is known for its beautiful carvings which are even better than than the Vimal Vasahi Temple.

3)Pittalhar Temple

The Pittalhar Temple was built by Bhima Shah the minister of Sultan Begada of Ahmedabad in the year between 1316-1432.

As the name suggests it has the idol of Lord Adinath which is made up of 5 different metals in which brass is the main component.

4) Shri Parsvanatha temple

The Parsvanatha Temple was built by Sangvi Mandik and his family in 1458-59. This temple is dedicated to Lord Parshvanath.

5) Mahavir Swami Temple

The Mahavir Swami temple is built in 1582 and is dedicated to Lord Mahavira.

The Mahavir Swami Temple has beautiful carvings of flowers, pigeons, court-scene, dancing girls, horses, elephants on the walls.

Things to Do at Delwara Temples
  • Trekking or hiking
  • snacks or meals outside the temple
  • see beautiful carvings
  • history knowledge
  • Pilgrimage at Different temples
  • photography
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(12:00pm to 5:00pm)
Tickets:- No entry tickets
Distance:-  Nearly 2.5 km from the main center of town
Duration:-15-20 minutes to visit the complete temple
Parking:- free parking available
staying:- Delaware Trust provides clean Dharmsala to stay at cheap rates.

3) Nakki Lake

Nakki lake is the heart of the tourism industry of mount Abu and one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu. Nakki Lake is a must-see place in Mount Abu.

Nakki lake is the only Indian artificial lake situated at the height of 1100 meters from the sea level. According to Hindu mythology, It is believed that the lake was dug out by god's nail to live in against the protection from the demon Bashkali Rakshasa.

There are many stalls and shops around Nakki lake. you will find many hotels or restaurants near the lake. The best time to visit the lake is in the evening. Boating is also available at Nakki Lake. Fountains and lightning at Nakki Lake at night add more beauty to Lake.

Nakki Lake is a good place to relax or sit in peace near the lake and enjoy the cold wind with family and friends.

Things to Do at Nakki Lake
  • Relaxing
  • snacks or meals around the lake
  • boating
  • shopping
  • walking around the lake
  • photography
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(9:30am to 6:00pm)
Tickets:- No entry tickets for the garden(Boating has their own charges)
Distance:-  Walking distance from the main market
Duration:-1-2 hours to spend whole evenings and having meals
Parking:- free parking available
staying:- most of the hotels are within walking distance from Nakki lake.

4) Achalgarh

 As the name suggests there is a fort named Achalgarh. It is believed that it is very old and is made by the kings of the Paramara dynasty. The fort was renovated and reconstructed by the Maharana Kumbha. It was Maharana Kumbha who gave the name Achalgarh to this fort.

Fort was not in great condition today and it is not the main point of attraction. There are other must-see places near the fort.

1) Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

The Achaleshwar Mahadev temple was believed to be built in the 9th century. This temple is commonly known as the shiva temple. the toe of Lord Mahadev is worshipped in this temple and there is a mythological story behind worshipping the toe of Lord Mahadev. 

The sage Vasishtha once lost his cow Nandini in a deep ravine near the mountain. Searching for it, he is said to have tried to move the mountain here. Lord Shiva then spread his toe to steady the mountain and prevent it from falling. 

Because the toe saved the people of this region from destruction, the toe of the Lord is worshipped here. Lord Shiva also helped rescue Nandini by filling the ravine with water from the river Mandakini so that it could float up to the top.

2) Three buffaloes statue

There is a pond near the Shiva temple and in that pond, there are 3 stone statues of buffalo. These stone statues, at first sight, seem to be real buffaloes drinking water from a pond.

It is believed that the pond was originally filled with ghee and 3 demons come to drink ghee from that pond in form of buffaloes until the king saw them and killed them.

Things to Do at Achalgarh 
  • walking around fort
  • pilgrimage at shiva temple
  • shopping 
  • photography
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(5:00am to 7:00pm)
Tickets:- No entry tickets 
Distance:-  23km from the main town
Duration:-30 minutes to visit Achalgarh
Parking:- free parking available

5) Toad Rock

There are many rock structures and sculptures made naturally which later seem to resemble some well-known things.

Toad rock is situated at the top of the hill near the Nakki lake. The name Toad rock is given due to the resemblance of the stone structure to a toad(A frog-like structure).

toad rock mount abu

There is a belief the name toad rock was given due to the British army officer named Col todd who was given credit to discover Mount Abu, Over time it becomes toad rock in pronunciation.

Things to Do at Toad Rock

  • snacks or meals
  • climbing
  • shopping
  • trekking or hiking
  • photography
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days from daylight to twilight
Tickets:- No entry tickets 
Distance:-  Walking distance from Nakki Lake
Duration:-1-2 hours to climb up and come down
Parking:- free parking available

6) Sunset Point

The sunset point at Mount Abu is the most beautiful spot in Mount Abu.
The sunset scene of this place is used in the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat tak. There is a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere at sunset point.

sunset point mount abu

You can watch the setting of the sun peacefully at the edge of the hill. You will also find many food stalls and fast food stalls that give more fun while watching the sunset.

Things to Do at Toad Rock
  • snacks or meals
  • sunset view
  • photography
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days from daylight to twilight
Tickets:- No entry tickets 
Distance:-  Walking distance from the parking
Duration:-30 minutes to watch complete sunset
Parking:- free parking available

7) Trevor's Tank

Trevor's Tank is an artificial crocodile breeding point which is also known as Trevor's crocodile park. It is the best place for a nature lovers person.
Trevor's park is situated 5km from Mount Abu. The name Trevor's Tank is given to this place from the name of British engineer Trevor who made it for crocodile breeding.

You will find many animals like crocodiles and bears roaming and resting in the park. It is one of the best picnic spots. You will also find pigeons, peacocks, partridges, and shutterbugs.

You will find the environment of Trevor's Tank nature friendly. there are many trees and slushy green bushes in the park that gives the best experience.

Things to Do at Trevor's Tank
  • See Traver's crocodile breeding tank
  • wildlife
  • photography
  •  See Nature
  • watch Birds and bears
  • shopping
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days (9:00am to 5:00pm)
Tickets:- 30INR entry tickets 
Distance:-  5km from Mount Abu
A duration:-1 hour to see completely
Parking:- free parking available

8)Sant Sarovar

There are many religious places in Mount Abu. There is a temple of Lord Somnath near the small pond named Sant Sarovar. The temple was built nearby the site of the previously existing Shiva Linga at the occurrence of His Holiness, Shri Ishwaranandji Giri of Samvit Sadhana Yana. The project was helped and encouraged by Smt. Anandiben Sarabhai. The complete process of re-construction and restoration was completed by the year 1978.

You will also find snakes, fishes, and crabs in the pond. You will enjoy giving food to fish in the pond. Among different fishes, goldfish are the main attraction.

Things to Do at Sant Sarovar
  • See fishes and snakes in the pond
  • photography
  • worship to Lord Somnath
  • shopping
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(Aarti time 6:00 am in the morning and 6:30 pm in the evening)
Tickets:- No entry tickets
Distance:-  2 km from Nakki Lake
Duration:- Depend upon You
Parking:- free parking available

9) Arbuda devi temple Mount Abu

Arbuda Devi temple also known as the Adhar Devi temple is the temple of the goddess Arbuda The Arbuda Devi temple is Situated on a dormant volcano. The atmosphere at Arbuda temple is very peaceful and Religious.

The Arbuda Devi temple is located in a small cave. One has to climb 365 stone steps to reach the Arbuda Devi temple. You will find many natural beauties along the way to reach the Arbuda Devi temple.

Many festivals and Occasions are celebrated at Arbuda Devi Temple. Especially, Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There are many more occasional days on which there are some occasions in Arbuda Devi temple.

Things to Do at Arbuda Devi Temple Mount Abu
  • See nature beauty
  • photography
  • worship to Goddess Arbuda
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(5:00am to 8:00pm)
Tickets:- No entry tickets
Distance:-  2 km from the main town center
Duration:- 30 minutes
Parking:- free parking available

10) Shankar Math

Shankar Math is the temple of Lord Shiva. There is Shivling carved out from the single piece of marble which is 9.5 feet in height and 7.5 feet in width and which has a circumference of 25 feet. The temple was established in 1977 by Shri Mahisanand Giri Ji Maharaj.

One will find a small pond with lotus around the temple and Rudraksha trees around the temple. One can notice the third eye on the Shivling and Jataya which were believed to be carved out naturally while carving Shivling. The priest of the temple chants the Vedas and Upanishads daily which was also allowed for tourists and local people to hear it.

Things to Do at Shankar Math
  • See nature beauty
  • photography
  • worship to Lord Shiva
Tourist Information

Opening Timing:- Open all days(7:30 am to 8:00pm)
Tickets:- No entry tickets
Duration:- 5 to 10 minutes
Parking:- free parking available

Other places

Many other places are available in Mount Abu to visit. Some of the other places are Ragunath temple, honeymoon point, Universal peace hall, Om Shanti Bhavan, Government museum, Brahmkumari's Peace park, World spiritual museum, Champaa cave, Bharat Mata mandir, Lal temple, and many more.

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